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Parties and Events are simply FUN!

Rental of our Dining and Activity Center Includes:
  • 90 minutes exclusive use of our Activity Center and Dining area.
  • 10 child sized entrees (choose child sized sandwiches or chicken nuggets).
  • choice of 1 side (carrots, apple sauce, string cheese or gogurts) for 10 children.
  • 1 pot of our signature drip coffee and 1 pot of hot water with a selection of teas.

Cost: Monday-Thursday $150     Friday-Sunday  $250   Time:  3:30-5pm daily

You may arrive 30 minutes early to decorate/set up.  You may bring your own food, order from our Cafe Menu or order from the following Catering Add-Ons.

Vegetarian Platter: a colorful selection of seasonal vegetables, swiss and havarti cheeses, two                                              types of hummus, ranch and a  variety of scrumptious crackers.  $25

Sandwich Platter: a mixture of turkey, ham and cheese sandwiches on 8 grain and white breads.
Condiments served on the side.   $29

Pastry Platter: delicious sweet breads, apple strudel, croissants, mini muffins and cookies.  $25

Host or No Host Espresso or Beverage Service: our espresso and beverage service is
always available for your party.

If you have additional questions or would like to make a reservation, please email our party planner:

Your reservation date is secured with the payment of your rental fee.